The record label

A long time ago I used to run my own record label. Legally based in Cyprus, Nova Beat Estate consisted of me and Alex Rahner, back then also a part of our electronica/psytrance duo RAINE. Nova Beat Estate organized three Dust Horizon music festivals (open-air) in Cyprus during 2008-2010, last time at a spot near Xylofagou Village. Between 2009 and 2013, I was also doing graphic design on a freelance basis “within” Nova Beat Estate, using the network I built while running the label. In 2012, the collaboration with Rahner ended, both music-wise and label-wise, and, in 2013, I moved to Stockholm, attempting to start over nearly everything in my life from scratch. Nevertheless, working on the label was a great learning experience for me, and I remained in touch with some of the people I met during those days.

The table below lists the complete discography of Nova Beat Estate as a label. I never managed to add everything to Discogs properly, since all the albums and the artists faded into obscurity. I still keep some of the CD masters in my cellar in Stockholm, so, who knows, maybe someday some of the albums would see the light of day again. The table combines two different data sets: JSON-formatted response from Discogs, and the Excel sheet. The Discogs links are clickable.

artist title year format catno
Dawnbreaker Demo (Tanks) 2004 File, MP3, 320 BEAT000
RAINE A Long Distance Calling 2006 CD, Album BEAT001
J.M. Runtley Skywalker 2007 CD, Album BEAT002
Shifty K Roarpa 2007 CD, Album BEAT003
RAINE Face Of The Mountain 2007 CD, Album BEAT004
Joonas “Hubris” Hahto Evolt 2007 CD, Album BEAT005
Deep Blue Soho Manifold 2007 CD, Album BEAT006
Hubris Hello Snarky 2008 CD, Album BEAT007
Dawnbreaker New Eden 2008 CDr, Mini, EP BEAT008
RAINE Live At Dust Horizon 2008 CDr, Album BEAT009
Makoto Rain And Thunder 2009 CDr, Album BEAT010
SMC Sound System Niro 2009 CDr, Album BEAT011
Hubris Mangles 2009 CDr, Album BEAT012
Dawnbreaker Fractal Light 2010 CDr, Mini, EP BEAT013
Chris DeBry Interference 2010 CDr, Album BEAT014
Fabian Van Den Eijnden Momentum 2011 CDr, Album BEAT015
RAINE Lotus Sutra 2011 CDr, Album BEAT016
Dawnbreaker Chromatic Red 2012 CDr, Album BEAT017

My own music projects during that time, as well as the bands I participated in, included Dawnbreaker, Tuatha (with Max S.), and the aforementioned RAINE. I also attempted to channel my own experiences into writing during 2012-2013 through participation in Dream Aid, a collaborative storytelling project focused on poetry and short stories ran by Mel Higgins and Trine Nielsen. The latter is a Swedish/Norwegian musician whom I befriended during the final days of Nova Beat Estate; Trine also joined Tuatha in 2014.

Between the projects

Between 2013 and 2017, I was mostly inactive creative-wise, since I was busy taking diverse courses in parallel with daily jobs, starting over and rebooting my life in Stockholm. The only exception was working as a screenwriter on a film directed by Alicja Sławińska in 2016, utilizing one of the horror/suspense short stories I wrote for Dream Aid, set during the Second World War. The film never happened, and the script was heavily rewritten and used for The Itinerant audio drama, which I directed and later released via the French label Kalamine Records. The audio drama contained music contributions by Trine Nielsen and Chris DeBry.

The production moniker

During 2017-2019 I had a strong interest in alternative therapies and was playing improvisational music live at the events in various small venues and yoga centers in Stockholm. Some of my contacts made during that time ended up as collaborators on a slew of albums I produced through years, and this, along with the release of some long-overdue Tuatha albums in 2019, inspired me to resurrect Nova Beat Estate as a production moniker in 2019-2020. Trine Nielsen and Fabian van den Eijnden were assisting me with production, and Zumaia, the owner of Kalamine Records, hosts nearly all the albums produced under the moniker. The table below lists all the albums with the respective Discogs links, once again, thanks to the Discogs API.

artist title year format label
Linn Friberg Soft Focus 2019 File, FLAC, Album Kalamine Records
Various INTENT 2020: Solid State 2020 14xFile, FLAC, Comp Kalamine Records
Various INTENT 2020: Liquid State 2020 10xFile, FLAC, Comp Kalamine Records
Various INTENT 2020: Vapor State 2020 10xFile, FLAC, Comp Kalamine Records
The Itinerant / Ann Or Lunda Genesis 2020 4xFile, FLAC, Album Hvedrungrsmil Records, Kalamine Records
Nimbostrata feat. Thomas Park Open Sky Manifesto 2020 4xFile, FLAC, EP Hvedrungrsmil Records
Nimbostrata feat. Thomas Park Between Dreams And Reality 2020 4xFile, FLAC, EP Hvedrungrsmil Records
Nimbostrata feat. Riversky Currents 2020 8xFile, FLAC, Album Kalamine Records
Nimbostrata feat. Helen Larsson Polarities 2020 8xFile, FLAC, Album Kalamine Records
Nimbostrata feat. Images Without Resemblance PTSTRVTH 2020 4xFile, FLAC, EP Kalamine Records

RAINE and Dawnbreaker ceased to exist a long time ago, and I left Tuatha when Trine Nielsen became in charge of the band, so the output of Nova Beat Estate consists mostly of my work under the alias Nimbostrata, Images Without Resemblance (a short-lived project with Trine), and The Itinerant; Trine ended up in charge of The Itinerant as well. All the love and support poured into the projects inspired me to continue on with the most successful projects, one of which is INTENT.

The podcast

Not all the works produced during that time were released under Nova Beat Estate. Some of these works ended up in the podcast series MedMera, stylized as [m.m] and ran primarily by Trine. The series existed in different forms since the mid-2000s, and everything related to Nova Beat Estate was aired within N-series, R-series, partly C-series, and partly within the first 200 episodes. I helped Trine to produce the final incarnation of the series, which is airing on Dots Unlimited Radio since 2020 along with everything produced within Dream Aid. Let’s see how it’s doing now on Audius, taking advantage of its API this time:

total plays total faves total reposts average duration average mood
1454 180 20 36.8 min Stirring

Based on the last 100 episodes… could it really do better than that? Let’s see what the analysis has to say.

The final outcome

Collaboration with the American artist and software developer Thomas Park, along with harsh reassessment of my life priorities during 2020, forced me to reinvent myself once again. My approach to music production within an earlier collaboration with a Russian sound architect Dmitry V. (Ann Or Lunda) led me to explore purely generative music with Thomas Park within Oriondrive; through the latter, I became deeply interested in machine learning and AI. And, through a re-evaluation of my life experience so far, I was feeling the urgent need of developing proper critical thinking skills. I got accepted to the Bachelor’s Program in Statistics and Data Analysis at Linköping University in 2020, and since then I have dedicated myself to my studies, practicing coding in R, gaining new skills, and developing statistical thinking and reasoning. The chapter of Nova Beat Estate since then is closed for good.

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